4 in 1 Foldable Kids Bicycle Tricycle


  • Yellow with push rod
  • Yellow
  • Blue with push rod
  • Red
  • Red with push rod
  • Blue
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1.There are many modes for children’s bicycles, which can change the three-wheeled balance bike, three-wheeled bike and two-wheeled balance bike.

2.The pedals for children’s bicycles are stored at the bottom of the seats and adopt a plug-in design for easy storage and access.

3. The height of the child balance car seat is adjustable, suitable for babies of different ages.

4.The stroller can be folded with one click, and the whole vehicle is 3.5kg.


Material:PP/PA/PU/TPR Tricycle size:70cm*50cm*30cm Balance bike size:72cm*50cm*28cm Package dimensions:37cm*41cm*30cm Folded size:36cm*41cm*25cm Package Included: 1 pcs Baby cart


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Yellow with push rod, Yellow, Blue with push rod, Red, Red with push rod, Blue


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