Face Skin Mesotherapy Electroporation Facial LED Photon Skin Care Device Machine


Make your skin naturally bright and young with this little device, Face Skin Mesotherapy Electroporation RF Radio Frequency Facial LED Photon Skin Care Device Machine. It’s limited at stock so get yours now with a heavy discount.

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The five main techniques of electroporation beauty instrument, needle-free mesotherapy, RF radiofrequency current, microwave pulse and IPL acne removal enable you to solve problems for more years simultaneously and make the skin naturally bright and young!


Nourishes the face and neck, eliminates pimples, shrinks pores, wrinkles, tightens, whitens

Non-porous mesotherapy: Using the special impulse from double-click current, it directly causes the nutrients needed by the skin to enter the dermis layer of the skin, so that it does not have to be used for surgery, and can nourish the skin.

Introducing electroporation: through a special open current to make the gap between skin cells, so that effective skin cream ingredients directly enter the dermis layer. Increase the absorption through the skin by 10 times!

Radiofrequency current: high-frequency resistance heating, effectively improve the skin’s deep relaxation, wrinkle ageing, through the effective current to promote lymphatic and blood circulation, shape the body and so on.

LED phototherapy: LED phototherapy can effectively repair and heal the fine gaps in electroporation, needle-free ultra-thin skin mesotherapy, and then introduce pores to shrink wounds and calm and reduce inflammation.

Pulsed microwave: with four conduction and special pulse levels. In this technology, the alternating current generates a microwave oven, triggers muscle contraction, muscular tissue like Buddha, tightens skin and restores elasticity.

Select model and function:

Model 1: Press the selection button of the LED light and pink light for the first time.

Wavelength: 700nm (+/- 10nm)

Whitening skin, suitable for dark skin.

Model 2: The LED selection button is pressed for the second time and flashes pink.

Wavelength: 700nm (+/- 10nm)

Strengthen the absorption of liquid or gel-like beauty and make the skin fair

Model 3: Time selection button 3ed, press the LED indicator, red light.

Wavelength: 620nm (+/- 10nm)

Promote collagen regeneration, skin elasticity, suitable for wrinkles, make skin relax.

Model 4: Press the select button of the LED light and the yellow light for the fourth time.

Wavelength: 590nm (+/- 10nm)

Brightens the complexion and gives the skin a clear feel, suitable for people with spots and dull skin

Model 5: The fifth button press LED light, blue light.

Wavelength: 415nm (+/- 10nm)

Calms inflammation shrinks pores, suitable for acne or oily skin

Package Included:

1 x host

1 x USB + base dock

1 x English manual


1 x host

1 x USB + base dock

1 x English manual

1x box


1 x host

1 x USB + base dock

1 x English manual

1 x box

1 x gel



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