Non-Inflatable Solid Baby Float Swimming Ring Swim Float Waist Float Ring


Do you love your kids? Keep them happy this summer. Non-Inflatable Solid Baby Float Swimming Ring Swim Float Waist Float Ring. Trust me, they will love you forever.

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Product Details
Mambobaby’s latest upgrade, don’t worry about summer sun, prevent UV rays!

A great baby flotation device. A great baby flotation device. Bag = 1 swim ring + 1 waterproof tote + 1 shade roof
The baby can see and touch the water by hand, the front is not high, the chin has a groove, and it is not easy to touch the baby’s mouth.
1. The swimming style is good, lying on it, no fatigue, the baby feels super safe.
2. Two button holes are used for adjustment. Double safety buckle, double protection safety
3. Ankle strap – A strap that runs between the legs, ergonomically designed and supported by the legs. Hold the bottom to prevent the baby from slipping off the back. Or turn it over or flip it.
4. Meet the requirements of the toy international safety standards
It is filled with latex foam, no BPA, and a zippered swimsuit. The zipper zipper is cut and hidden in the fabric to avoid danger.
6. It can be used repeatedly for a long time. Without BPA environmentally friendly materials, it is usually safer for more than 3 years.
7.Baby baby waist hanging floating board non-inflatable floating bed swimming pool toy swimming pool accessories swimming trainer classic swimming ring
8. The best Father’s Day and Mother’s Day gift.
9. No need for inflation, safety, children’s swimming training, auxiliary bathtub, swimming trainer, baby solid swimming float

Cloth cover: Polyester
Liner: Pearl foam
Product size: 18.9 x 18.1 x 3.5 inches
Weight: about 700 grams (1.55 pounds)
UV protection factor UDF is greater than 40

Manufacturer recommended age: 4 months – 2 years
There is latex foam inside
*** Non-inflatable *** – no risk of leakage, more convenient and safer to use
*** belt *** – leg support to prevent the baby from flipping or flipping backwards
There is latex foam inside, there is a swimming cloth outside, it will not hurt the baby’s sensitive skin.
Wider, more reinforced shoulder strap, soft and comfortable, easy to attach to the buckle
There is no smell of chemicals on the market and there is no cheap PVC plastic. The best swimming pool floating baby

Package includes:
1 * Children’s swim ring
1 * Awning

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